Energy Efficient Building Pays Off for the Environment and Your Wallet

We worked closely with our clients, Rudy & Meg Fernandez, to create a custom home that was not only cohesive with the historical Hyde Park homes, but also energy efficient. Using specific materials and incorporating low energy concepts into the design process, we were able to achieve our clients’ vision. They were thrilled at the monetary savings that resulted from this intentional design, and it is a proof point that energy efficient building is not only good for the environment, but for your wallet long-term too…

“The energy conservation measures are paying off. Our AVERAGE electric bill for 2011 was $158.13/mo. Our AVERAGE gas bill for 2011 was $32.47/mo. And that’s with 3600 feet of living space PLUS a garage apartment that was air-conditioned the entire summer.

I primarily attribute the low bills to the house’s design, the isonene, the tankless water heater, the bamboo flooring, and the low-E windows.” – Rudy Fernandez, Sample Properties Happy Homeowner

This home received the Sustainability Award by the Hillsborough County Planning Commission for its energy efficient design, and was the only residential project to receive an award that year.