Client Reviews Working With Sample Properties

We love seeing the completion of a project and providing a new custom home to a happy client, and while we miss working closely with our clients throughout the process, we cherish the relationships we build with them along the way and continue beyond move-in day. We are blessed to have such great clients who make our jobs so rewarding, and are always humbled when they write about their positive experience working with us. Here is some feedback from recent custom home client:

“Merriam-Webster defines trust as the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. My wife and I recommend Sample Properties as one of the best—if not the best—homebuilders in South Tampa because of the lengths the Sample Properties team went to earn and maintain our trust.

We love the home that Sample Properties built for us. From the first meeting with John Sample to discuss feasibility and design, to conversations with Gray Sample about the behind-the-scenes steps taken to provide a superior quality of engineering and construction, to countless meetings and telephone calls during construction with Peter Kramer, our project manager, to attempt to accommodate our every request, to the helpful suggestions from Ashley Policastri, our interior designer, to the professionalism of every sub-contractor, the Sample Properties team fostered our trust.

Sample Properties enjoys a tremendous reputation in the Tampa community not only because of its commitment to build an outstanding home on the front end, but also to address and resolve any issues that may arise on the backend. If you want to rely on a homebuilder with character, ability, strength, and honesty, we recommend Sample Properties. —Ryan L.”

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