What others are saying about Sample Properties


Merriam-Webster defines trust as the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. My wife and I recommend Sample Properties as one of the best—if not the best—homebuilders in South Tampa because of the lengths the Sample Properties team went to earn and maintain our trust. We love the home that Sample Properties built for us. From the first meeting with John Sample to discuss feasibility and design, to conversations with Gray Sample about the behind-the-scenes steps taken to provide a superior quality of engineering and construction, to countless meetings and telephone calls during construction with Peter Kramer, our project manager, to attempt to accommodate our every request, to the helpful suggestions from Ashley Policastri, our interior designer, to the professionalism of every sub-contractor, the Sample Properties team fostered our trust. Sample Properties enjoys a tremendous reputation in the Tampa community not only because of its commitment to build an outstanding home on the front end, but also to address and resolve any issues that may arise on the backend. If you want to rely on a homebuilder with character, ability, strength, and honesty, we recommend Sample Properties. —Ryan L.

Your understanding, expertise, recommendations, attention to detail and commitment to build a high-quality home within our budget and to our satisfaction made the entire process - from planning and design to move-in - simple and problem-free. —Charles C.

My experience with Sample Properties was exceptional. On the sale and building process side, the professionalism and customer service was fantastic -- they were clear, honest, responsive and clearly dedicated to our needs and satisfaction. And the final product was also top notch. We have been living in our Sample home for over 3 years now and are thrilled with the style, quality and liveability of our home. If we ever build a home in Tampa again, we will build with Sample. In addition, I have recommended Sample to many friends and relatives.-Mark C.

After 24+ years as a home inspector, I have inspected thousands of homes. In my opinion, Sample Properties is one of the best builders in Tampa. Their ‘eye’ for detail and willingness to create wonderful family environments far exceeds that of most local builders. They really care about their clients. I have the utmost respect for their company, and take great pleasure in referring clients to them. I know that my clients will be extremely impressed and pleased with the service and overall quality experience they will receive with Sample Properties. —David Booth, President, Britannia Building Consultants, Inc.

We were impressed with the company’s attention to detail and willingness to do whatever was necessary to do the job right, even exceeding our expectations in many cases. —Jack K.

Your unparalleled commitment to quality and our satisfaction both during construction and after project completion has made the experience a truly pleasant one. We have received many compliments regarding the house from family, friends, and neighbors. —Marc M.

Sample Properties is THE builder to employ if you plan to build a custom home in Tampa. Our experience in building proved to us that Sample deserves its reputation for excellence and quality in construction, and commitment to customer service. Every employee of Sample with whom we worked was a dedicated and personable professional. Working with John Sample on the design of our dream home was rewarding and enjoyable. Due to Sample's excellent reputation with the City of Tampa's building department, permitting and approvals were expeditious. The construction process was organized and efficient.. Quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction were the overriding standards of Sample's performance. Dale, our construction superintendent was dedicated and diligent, making sure everything was perfect and we were completely satisfied. Gray Sample, construction manager, oversaw the entire building process and put in a great deal of time and effort making sure our house was built correctly and we were happy. Sample Properties does everything with the highest quality and attention to detail, and they stand completely behind their work. -Tammy R.

We praise you for your integrity, honesty, professionalism, attention, and commitment to quality. Your building expertise ensured the best possible floor plan, facade, and interior design for our home. —Kurt K.

Working with Sample Properties was an absolutely wonderful and pleasant experience. After my wife and I interviewed multiple homebuilders in the Tampa Bay area we chose to work with Sample based on the impression they made on us as individuals (honest people with high integrity and character) and the quality of their work. While the quality of Sample's work was easy to see, it was our impression of them as people and their reputation that put us over the top. After all, you engage a builder in a long-term relationship when they begin building your home. We heard from multiple individuals how Sample stands by their product, and this has been our experience so far. We had the pleasure of working closely with John Sample and Peter Kramer (project manager), and "pleasure" truly sums it up. I describe Peter as being the best business experience I have every had. Although, the dynamic with Peter feels more like a friendship, rather than a business relationship. Through Peter's patience and willingness to over-provide information, Peter made the process both educational and fun. And the same can be said about John. Also, the sub-contractors that worked on our home were also some of the most pleasant people around. I often engaged them in conversation and spent time learning about them on a personal level. Sample Properties clearly contracts out work to people that reflect their character. John and Gray (Sample brothers) have created a culture within their company that shows in every dynamic of the project. Ultimately, while I could take up much more space here, I will just say that Sample Properties could not have provided a better experience for myself and my wife. While I am sure that other builders have their specific areas of expertise that deserve a consideration, what is more important than the quality of people you work with, and the quality of the project when building a home? I would challenge anyone to find a homebuilder superior to Sample in both of those categories. - Gates G.